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AT 2104- Postharvest handling and food technology

AT 2104- Postharvest handling and food technology

by Dr.Sujatha Weerasingha -
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Dear students in the second year first semester group A,

How are you my dear students? Hope all are keeping well. I have a message to tell you . Can you remember that  some of you intercropped "sesame " in Mango cultivation to control weeds while enjoying ripe bananas?  I am happy to say even under this dry weather we were able to harvest 35 kg of sesame seeds. How nice if you are also here. That is about your work with me.

Now hope that you can remember I have uploaded a question paper for AT 2103- Fruit crops and believe you all have answered that to practice for your final exam. Similarly today I am uploading a paper for AT 2104 postharvest handling and food technology too. Please go through the LMS lessons, extra readings and more information in internet. Prepare good and perfect answers for all these questions. If we have a time we can discuss the paper later. Anyway try to write answers without fail.

Stay safe and good luck

Dr. Sujatha Weerasinghe