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News for 8th and 9th batch- Restarting the examinations

News for 8th and 9th batch- Restarting the examinations

by Dr Nisansala Vidanapathirana -
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News for 8th and 9th Batches

Your Examinations are restarting from 5th July 2020. You have to follow following guidelines strictly during the stay at the Institute

Starting from 5th July to 13th July 2020  only 8th and 9th batches are allowed to come for the Institute. 

Before 4th of July you can not get the hostel rooms  You can get hostel rooms by  4th July at 12.00 pm - 4.00 pm 

1. Before enter to the institute premises please wash your hands and check the body temperature at the entrance gate

2. Compulsorily wear a face mask 
3. Keep 1.5 m distance from each other
4. Do not share the utensils, foods and beverages among each other

5. Use hand sanitizers whenever necessary provided by the institute
6. In hostel, one room is allocated for only one student. 

7. You are restricted to share your room with others

If there are outstanding payments to pay for the course, you have to complete outstanding payments before you come for the examinations. Otherwise you are not allowed to sit for the examinations