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Important message for all students

Important message for all students

by Mrs Nelka Sriwarnasinghe -
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Important message for all students

Dear Students,

Please follow the health guidelines every time especially when you are at institute premises. Your academic works are starting by agreeing with these guidelines provided by UGC and the Ministry of Health. Therefore, nobody can violate them. 

  • Please do not enter the institute without permission. You can not stay at hostels before a given time. 

  • Always wear the mask and protect yourself with social distance in 1.5 m.

  • One room allocates for one student in the hostels.

  • You can not stay here and there within the institute. Do not bring unnecessary things when you are coming. 

  • Please use hand sanitizers provided by the institute and it is better if you are having pocket sanitizer. 

  • We are facilitating the food inside the institute.

  • Once you enter the institute premises, you are not allowed to go outside until finishing your whole examinations this week. 

  • These all are for saving yourself and all.  

If you need, don't hesitate to contact us.

Student Councilors: Mrs. Nelka ; 077 8175176, Mr. H. Rohanadheera : 071 121 2329

Academic sub wardens: Mrs. Supipi : 070 277 9083, Mr. Rasika : 071 595 4578