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Importance of cell division for a living cell

Importance of cell division for a living cell

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v What is the cell division?

               Cell division is the process by which a parent cell decides in two or more daughter cell. Cell                                 division are two type,

                                    01).Mitosis                02).Meiosis

v Importance of cell division in living cell


·         Cell repair – Animals, plant, fungal and bacterial cells divide to allow an increase in number and the repair of damaged cell in multicellular organisms…E.G-: bone marrow makes the new blood cells.


·         It is important because it distributes the identical genetical material to daughter cell.


·         Sexually reproducing organisms develop from a single cell.


·         In unicellular organism, cell division reproduce an entire organism….E.G-:Amoeba


·         Cell division also enables sexually reproducing organisms to develop from a single cell, the fertilized egg or zygote.


·         With the cell division growth occur through an increase in volume and enlargement of the outer membrane.


·         Maintenance of chromosome number.