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Cell devision

Cell devision

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*_Cell division* 

cell division is the process by which a parent cell divides into two or more daughter cells.

 *Importance of cell division for a living cell*

There are three major reasons..

cell division is central to organism growth, reproduction and tissue repair.

1) Cell Reproduction.    

Production of and offspring from a parent cell or a combination of parent cell.

 i. Asexual reproduction.

      One parent, offspring are identical genetic copies.

     Uses the process of cell division.

 ii. Sexual reproduction.

        Two parental cells containing half the genetic information (gamete) join to form an offspring new cell having a whole set of genetic information (zygote)

 2) cell growth

organism grow either by augmenting cell size or increasing in cell number.while a multicellular organism is in its early stages of development,cell divide at accelerated rates to increase the size of the organism.cell continue to divide to increase organism size until the organism reaches adulthood.

 3)Cell repair.

i. Normal replacement

         Cells have limited lifespan.

        Cell death by apoptosis.

ii. Maintenance.

        Cells get injured and need to heal.

        Cell death by necrosis..

Cell division is necessary following reason

i. Growth of Organisms

ii. Maintenance of Chromosome Number

iii. Maintenance of Nucleon-cytoplasmic Ratio (NC ratio)

iv. Repair

v. Reproduction in Unicellular organisms

vi. Healing and regeneration

vii. Genetic variations

viii. Formation of gamete by meiosis.