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AT 2102 Crop improvement and Biotechnology

AT 2102 Crop improvement and Biotechnology

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cell division importances

  • produce progency from some multicellular organisms.
  • cell renewal and repair.
  • unicellular organism divides and forms duplicate offspring.
  • sexually reproducing organisms develop from a single cells.
  • the ability to grow and reproduce are two fundamental qualities of life.
  • all cell division is proceeded by DNA replication.
  • cell division can produce the progency from some multicellular organism such as those plants which grow cutting.
  • cell division also enables sexually reproducing organisms to develop from a single cell, fertilized egg or zygote.
  • cell division involves in repairing  of cells ex:- bone marrow makes the blood cells.
  • during cell division one cells becomes two new cells.
  • reproduction occurs as binary fission in prokaryotes.
  • growth and some reproduction occurs as metosis in eukaryotes.
  • reproduction often involves meiosis in eukaryotes.


  1. in both unicellular and multi cellular eukaryotes, the cell reproduction is a cycle process of growth, nuclear division and usually cytoplasmic division call cell cycle.
  2. cell cycle is a series of macro molecular events that lead to cell division and the production of two daughter cells, each containing chromosomes identical with those of the parental cell.
  3. two main molecular processes take place during the cell cycle are duplication of parental chromosome during S phase and separation of chromosome equally to daughter cell during M phase.
  4. in somatic cell the cell cycle consist of following four phases;
  5. G1 (gap 1) PHASE
  6. S(synthesis ) PHASE
  7. G2(gap 2)PHASE
  8. M(mitosis ) PHASE

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