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Cell division

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Cell cycle: phases of cell cycle

Cell cycle

  • In both unicellular and multicellular eukaryotes, the cell reproduction is a cyclic process of growth, nuclear division and usually cytoplasmic division called cell cycle.
  • Cell  cycle  is a series  of macromolecular events  that  lead  to  cell division and the production  of  two  daughter cells, each containing  chromosomes identical  with those  of the  parental  cell.
  • Two main molecular processes take place during the cell cycle are duplication of parental chromosome during S phase and separation of chromosome equally to daughter cell during M phase.
  • In somatic cell, the cell cycle consists of following four phase;
  • G1 (gap 1) phase
  • S (synthesis) phase
  • G2 (gap2) phase
  • M (mitosis) phase