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Crop improvement and Biotechnology

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*Cell division 

The process of division of exiting cell to form two new daughter cells is 

known as cell division

*Importance of cell division

There are 3 main reasons for cell division

1. Reproduction

2. Growth

3. Repair/Replacement

1) Cell Division for Reproduction

*It is an important characteristic for life

*All living things must reproduce

*Each time a cell divides it produces two new cells which can 


1. Identical *Asexual reproduction (Mitosis)

2. Different *Sexual reproduction (Meiosis

2) Growth 

Cell division allows an organisms to grow bigger 

3) Repair/Replacement

Unicellular organisms like bacteria reproduce by dividing in two. Sexual 

reproduction in multicellular organisms occurs when sperm and egg cells 

are made from the division of cells in reproductive organs.

Other importances 

1. Some cells get old wear out

2. New cells formed by the cell cycle replace old cells before the cell 


3. In unicellular organism, cell division reproduce an entire organism 

ex:- amoeba

4. Cell division can produce the progeny from some multicellular 

organism such as those plants which grow cutting.

5. Cell division also enables sexually reproducing organisms to develop 

from a single cell, the fertilized egg or zygote.

6. Cell division involves in repairing of cells ex: - bone marrow makes 

the new blood cells.

7. It is important because it distributes the identical genetical material 

to daughter cell.

8. With the cell division growth occur through an increase in volume 

and enlargement of the outer membrane.

9. Without cell division death will quickly ensure.

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