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1.Fowl Pox

2.Fowlpox is the worldwide disease of poultry caused

 by viruses of the family Poxviridae and the genus


This insidious infection enters a chicken’s body through simple scratches or open wounds and through the mucous membranes of the bird’s eyes and mouth.

There are several ways in which this disease can be spread. Infected chickens can spread their germs in two ways. First, they can shed pox particles onto their siblings or into their coop environment and secondly, if a bird is infected with the wet form of Fowl Pox, they can spread germs through secretions.

Or, carrier insects, especially mosquitoes, will bite your unsuspecting chooks and infect them with the virus. Flies simply walking around on your precious chooks can leave behind virus germs.

3.Unfortunately, there is no known cure for the Fowl Pox virus. Fortunately the same vaccination given to prevent the disease can also be administered to aid in lessening the spread of the virus But we can do some prevention methods to reduce the spreading rate. 

*Vaccinations to prevent the infamous Fowl Pox are readily available

*hand though- by planting insect repelling plants near and around your chicken coop and run you can come to the aid of your beloved chooks and help fight the war against the foul Fowl Pox!

*We can proactive and maintaining good biosecurity- being sure to isolate new flock members. 

*keeping birds in their home coop and avoiding showing them, not visiting friend’s and neighbor’s flocks and vice versa and doing all you can to wage war on any insect pests that may prey on your unsuspecting feathered friends.