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Answer No 1 - Fowl pox disease

Answer No 2 - fowl pox is main caused by avian DNA pox virus
There are two forms of the disease.
1) the first is spread by biting insects (especially mosquito) and wound contamination.
2) The second forms is spread by inhalation of the virus and causes a diphtheritic membrane to form in the mouth, pharynx,
larynx and sometime the trachea,
1 depression
2 inappetance
3 poor growth
4 poor egg production

Answer No 3 - Treatment,
basically there is no treatment for the disease but we can treat them through the vaccinate
There several things we can do to ease our flocks discomfort during an out break.
1 keep birds comfortable
2 limit stress
3 apply antiseptic to scabs
we can also give soft food and give them a warm and dry place to try and recoup.