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Question no 1:-

 Fowl pox.

Question no 2:- 

Cause by viruses of the family poxviridae. It's a viral infection in poultry that causes painful sores on a chicken skin. 

Common disease in backyard chickens.most birds survived the infection,although very young or weak birds may be lost.

Chickens with fowl pox will often exhibit a drop in egg production. Loss of appetite and or weight loss in addition to the tell-tale lesions on the skin or lesions inside the mouth and throat.

The lesions initially looks like a whitish blisters and appears on the comb, wattles and other skin areas.

Management of mosquitoes population can help reduce this disease.

Question no 3:- 

Chickens are usually vaccinated with pigeonpox virus. this vaccine usually given to chickens when between the age of 8-14 weeks of age,via the wingweb method of injection. ATCVET code: QIo1 AD12 .

Management of mosquitoes population.