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1.Fowl pox.

2.The world wide disease  of poultry  caused  by viruses of the family poxviridae and  the genus avipoxvirus. The viruses  causing fowlpox are distinct  from  one  another but antigenically similar possible  hosts in cluding chikens turkeys, quail canaries,  pigeons and may other species of birds. There are two  forms of the disease the first is spread by biting insects (especially  mosquitoes ) and wound contamination  and causes lesions on the comb, wattles, and beak,  birds  affected  by this from usually  recover within a few weeks. The second from is spread by in halation  of the virus and causes a diphtheritic membrane to form in the mouth, pharynx, larynx and sometimes  the trachea.

3. Adult chicken  can be vaccinated. problems  and  biological  protection  to prevent  the introduction  of fowl pox to chickens  with clothing  equipment  and shoes. Control  mosquitoes  if possible.