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1.Fowl pox

2.That causes skin lesions (dry pox) Dry pox results in scabs & lesions around the comb,wattle,ear,lobes & eyes 

fowl pox virus  is spreading comb,lobes,ear & eyes.So this is the Fowl pox virul disease. 

3.                   TREATMEN

  •        Treats scabs with a dilute iodine solution
  •        Offer tetracycline antibiotics in the water 
  •        Treats scabs with a dilute iodine solution. 
  •        Apply ointment to soften scabs.
  •        Mix diluted iodine solution into drinking                 water. 
  •        Clean coop & run with the objective of                     removing. 
  •        Sanitize drinking water 


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