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1. Fowl pox disease

2. Fowl pox is the worldwide disease of poultry coused by viruses of the family poxviridae and the genus Avipoxvirus.

    There are two forms of the disease,

  •  The first is spread by biting insect (especially mosquitoes)and wound contami nation and causes lesions on the comb ,wattles and beak.
  • The second form is spread by inhalation of the virus.

3. prevention and treatment of fowl pox chicks may be vaccinated as young as one day of age. The vaccination by the wing web method with acommercially available fowl pox vaccine. During outbreaks unaffected flocks and individuals may be vaccinated to help limit the spread. If there is evidence of secondary bacterial infection ,broad- spectrum antibiotics may help reduce morbidity and mortalities.