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1). Disease : Fowl pox 🐄🐃🐂

2). Fowl pox is the world wide disease of poultry caused by viruses of the family poxviridaeand the genus.Avipoxvirus.

      There are two forms of the disease.The spread by biting insects and wound contanmination and causes lesion on the comb,wattes and beak. 

Mainly ,It is virus attack.

3).Fowl fox virus is a slow spreading viral disease of various avian species that causes skin lesirns(dry pox) or diptheritic lesirns ( wet pox).  There is no treatment for fowl pox and prevention is through vaccination of replacement birds.

Chick may be vaccinated as youngas one day of age. During out breaks, unaffected flocks and individuals may be vaccinated to help limit the spread .

Vaccination :

Vaccination should be completed prior to expected exposure to the fowl pox virus.Are that have mosquitoes through out the year often use two vaccinations, one early and one later for "permanent" protection.

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