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  • Answer no 1 : Fowl fox disease
Answer no 2 : Reason ;
Mostly this disease occurs by infection of virus. 
       Genus : Avipox virus
       Species   : Fowlfox 
       Family : poxviridae
This Fowlpox virus infected in both wet and dry form. And infection occurs through skin abrasions or bites.
Also the reason of infection of secondary bacteria can occur this disease ( less). 
This Fowlfox disease can be transmitted by birds, mosquitoes and for mites.

Symptoms :
If a poultry ( chicken, duck, pigeon, etc) infected in this disease ,we can observe these signs from that poultry. Those are;
Warty ,spreading eruption and scabs on comb ,wattle ,beak and lob.And caseous deposits in mouth, throat and sometimes trachea. That poultry fallen depression and inappetence. Also we can observe that poor growth and poor egg production after infection.

Answer no 3: 
Treatment : 
Basically there is no treatment for this fowlfox disease. but we can treat them through the vaccinated. If we vaccinated the poultry, it get some period of time for cure( 2or 3 weeks/ 1 month).  Use the 2 - prong needle application supplied with the vaccine. If we want permanent protection? We must  to be vaccinated after 8 - 10 weeks of age with a chick embryo origin ( CEO ) vaccine.
Also if  this poultry infected by secondary bacteria, we should broad spectrum antibiotics may help to reduce morbidity and mortalities.
And we can give them to sanitize drinking water.
Also, add trays scabs with a dilute Iodine solution for reduce the infection.
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