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1).    FOWL POX (viral infection)

2).     It is a viral disease. That causes skin lesions (dry pox) or dip theritic lesions(wet pox).Dry pox results in scabs & lesions around the comb,wattle,ear,lobes & eyes.Wet pox lesions are associated with the oral cavity & the upper respiratory tract(larynx & trachea)

In here we can see fowl pox virus  is spreading comb,lobes,ear & eyes.So this is the Fowl pox virul disease. 

The virus is transmitted to backyard chickens by biting insects,most notably,mosquitoes. Some chickens acquire immunity,but others are susceptible to recurrences in times of stress.

  • 3).  Day old chicks & unaffected adults can be vaccinated against fowl pox.The WING - STICK method is easy to do & very affordable. Once chickens have been vaccinated,they have permanent immunity.
  • Practise good bio- security to avoid introducing fowl pox to chickens from an infected flock on our clothes, equipment or shoes.
  • Control mosquitoes if possible


           Treats scabs with a dilute iodine solution

            Offer tetracycline antibiotics in the water to help control secondary infections.

          Sanitize drinking water

           Clean coop & run with the objective of removing hot debris from the premises.