AT1101 - 1st year Group A students (11th Batch)

Dear Students, 

The following two activities should be done today. Further, you will have a few lectures and activities every Monday. 

Activity 01.

What are the major groups of crop growth regulators?

List out Auxin group hormones and their task.

Briefly explain the market availability of Auxin group hormones.

(Only 02-page document is enough , Submission date: 04/05/2020)


Activity 02.

This is already assigned to you. Prepare a presentation on "General information of given crops". You can e-mail your group presentations to Prof. Subasunghe. I will attach the document with your groups and relevant topics again. Submission date: 06/05/2020

Advice: Do not copy and paste the text on the web pages. It is a bad ethic and marks will not be given. Read the content and try to write it in your own words.

Stay safe. Good Luck.