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Crop improvement and biotechnology

Crop improvement and biotechnology

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Cell division -cell division is the process by which a parent cell decides in two or more daughter cell.

Importance of cell division for a living cell

  • Cell division also enables sexually reproducing organism to develop from a single cell,the fertilizes egg or zygote.
  • Cell division involves in repairing of cells.E.g bone marrow makes the new blood cell.
  • Cell division can produce the progeny from some multi cellular organisms.
  •  Without cell division death will quickly ensure.
  • With the cell division growth occur through and increase in volume and enlargement of the outer membrane.
  • Meiosis provides a  part to remain the chromosomal number constant generation.
  • Genetic  variation occurs through meiosis.
  • Mutation is also present in sexually reproduced cell.
  • Everyday billions of red blood cells wear out and replaced.
  • Unicellular organisms divides and forms duplicate  offspring. 
  • Healing and regeneration.
  • It distributes the identically material to daughter cell.