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1) Fowl Pox Disease.

** Fowl pox is contagious viral disease.

** bird of all age is affected by this disease.

** chicken and turkeys are mainly affected by this disease.

** some viral type may also affect pigeons,geese,pheasant and quills.

** 1.2.% mortality rate.

** incubation period 2-3weeks.

** fowlpox is seen world wide.

2)             etiology (reason )

* The large DNA virus an avipoxvirus belongs to family poxviridae.

* enveloped

* bricked shaped virus 

             Transmission method

* mosquitoes 

* the most common vectors for transmission of the avipoxvirus.

* contaminated water and feed.

* through wounds

* vertical transmission is suspected .

Clinical sign

* cutaneous form

* diphtheritic form

* oculonasal form

3) prevention method 

* Using mild attenuated avipox,chickenstrain virus vaccine 8 weeks.

* vaccinated against avain pox by subcutaneous injection at day old.

* all in all out programs 

* control mosquitoes (anti mosquito spray)

* biosecurity


*sanitize drinking water

* flock drinking water 

* treatment scubs with dilute iodine solution 

* oxytetracyclin 300mg per gallon water for three days.